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Using MySkillsReport

The first step to using MySkillsReport is to register for access to the online tool.

Then you can start adding the different experiences you've had in your life and career. (We call them 'Events', and you can read about them here.)

description of the imageThe exciting thing about this approach is that we take all these 'Events' as the starting point for analysing the skills you've gained.

So it's NOT just jobs you've had, work experience you've completed or hobbies you've done. In reality it's anything and everything that has ever developed your skills in a useful way. Our approach really works to help shine a spotlight and unlock the skills you've developed but maybe aren't aware of, because of the limitations of recording your skills in a traditional CV format.

Your Skills: A Work In Progress

MySkillsReport isn't a tool to pick up, use once and forget about!

It's an ongoing way of tracking and analysing your personal skills development in life and in the workplace. As you gain new skills in your life and career, you can add them to MySkillsReport and see a visual representation of the overall balance between the different skill areas that make up your profile.

In fact the visual part of your analysis, shown in a pie chart format, can be a striking way to identify imbalances or missing pieces of your skills puzzle in particular areas. If you're looking to start a certain career, or move into a new field, this is an excellent starting point for identifying what you need to work on.

MySkillsReport Sample

Your Skills Goals

Those needs become goals that you can both target and record with the online tool as well. These goals can also be printed as part of your report and used in workplace appraisals, as appropriate.

Produce Your Own Report

The result of all your recording and analysis is a printable or email-friendly pdf document summarising all your skills, plus the individual 'events' that helped you gained them.

This can also include related images such as logos of companies where you've worked or educational establishments where you've studied, or certificates you've earned.

With your up-to-date report in your hand (or on your screen!), you can use it to get yourself ready for job interviews, prepare for employment appraisals, and provide support for your promotion potential!



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