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Setting My Skills Goals

Once you have looked at your past and current skills by adding your 'Events', you can also add your Skills Goals. (If you don't want to use these for the moment, you can tick the round box for "Do not show Goals on MySkillsReport" and they will remain hidden.)

Your Skills Goals can be any kind of skill in the 7 key categories that you want to improve or develop in future. Simply type them in each box as you like, making them as clear as possible.

Over time as you update your skills report, you can see how you are meeting your envisioned goals - have you now achieved them? Are they realistic? Are they no longer relevant or necessary for you, to be replaced by other newer goals instead?

If you use them, your Skills Goals will also show up when you generate your PDF skills report document - so you can look at them in the context of your existing skills too. They can then act as a prompt for your further thinking, discussion, training needs or workplace appraisals.

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