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Who Is MySkillsReport For?

From a single user managing their own workplace goals to large organisations looking to raise skills awareness amongst their thousands of employees, practically ANYONE can benefit from using MySkillsReport to organise and analyse their skills.

Employed Individuals 

MySkillsReport - Unlock Your SkillsUsing the MySkillsReport approach is a great way for an individual to take stock of their skills and improve their job performance. The report generated is a great talking point during appraisal meetings and you can also use it and the skills you define as supporting evidence for promotion discussions and evaluations.

It is also a powerful tool for highlighting skills that you already have and also those that you may need to develop further in your workplace role.

Job Seekers

Whether unemployed or looking for new employment the MySkillsReport approach really focuses on helping individuals develop and talk confidently about what employers really value - skills! 

Using MySkillsReport often reveals skills from prior life and career 'events' that have not been mentioned or expressed strongly enough in previous applications and interviews. 

Companies (HR / Training Managers)

Companies of all sizes can implement our multi-user MySkillsReport packages to add an extra dimension to well-rounded employee training and development. 

Not only is this a great way of tracking the skill development of an organisation's workforce, but it also shows a commitment to each individual and their value in the operation. 

Students / Career Starters

Developing the skills required for a successful career is becoming an issue earlier and earlier in students' lives, so MySkillsReport is an excellent way to start learning the good habits of a skills-focused approach to careers. 

Early use of the MySkillsReport tool could mean that several years of evidence of skills gained from study and extra-curricular activities can be established even before making the milestone applications for a first job. 

Educational Establishments

Schools, colleges and higher education establishments can receive the benefits of the MySkillsReport approach for their students by taking advantage of our multi-user packages. 

These packages can be combined with our 1-Day 'Focus On Skills' Workshop to show the app's full functionality and get students thinking about their skills and how to develop them in a new and exciting way.

Non-Profit / Charitable Organisations

As part of our commitment to raising skills awareness, such groups or organisations working with individuals who may benefit from MySkillReport can apply for discounted access for their users and clients.


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