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What Is An 'Event'?

An 'event' is something you have done where you have gained a skill or a number of skills.

MySkills Report - What Is An Event?

For example it could be any of the following:

  • A job or position (e.g. Manager at X Company, or an internship at Y Company)
  • A form of study (e.g. a university degree, a training course, or some self-study)
  • A leisure activity or hobby (e.g. playing 5-a-side football)
  • An experience (e.g. living for a year in a foreign country)
  • Anything else that potentially helped you gain a valuable skill!

This is a key concept in the MySkillsReport approach - we start with the life and work experience you have had (‘events’) and then help you identify and organise the skills you have gained from them.

In this way, by looking at your total experience (as a series of life and work related ‘events’), MySkillsReport helps you discover skills you may not have identified before when using a traditional focus on education and employment history!

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