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Adding Skills Attained

For each 'event' that you've identified in your life and career, you can now identify and explore the different skills that you gained or developed from it.

MySkillsReport organises skills into 7 categories with core skills for each already built-in for easy selection. But don't worry if a skill isn't listed, you can add as many new or specific skills as you want to each category!

1. Administrative and Clerical Skills

These are skills that you will have typically gained in administration / office work.

Examples: Data entry / administration, Filing and record keeping, Typing, System development, Prioritising tasks, Stock control, Scheduling / diary management.

2. Analytical Skills

These are skills in thinking, analysing and processing information intelligently to achieve a useful objective.

Examples: Research, Problem solving, Market analysis, Financial analysis, Risk analysis, Systems analysis, Business planning, Critical analysis, Lateral thinking, Strategic thinking.

3. Communication Skills

These are your skills in communicating with others by any means - whether in person, in writing or via telephone.

Examples: Presentation, Listening, Writing (creative, report, essay), Telephone skills, Negotiation, Public speaking, Networking, E-communication, Marketing, Relationship management, Dealing with difficult people, Public relations, Procurement, Selling, Influencing and persuasion, Conflict management and resolution, Customer / Client care.

4. Financial and Numerical Skills

These are skills relating to your proficiency with figures and numbers.

Examples: Projecting, Budgeting, Evaluating data, Calculating, Accounting, Cashflow forecasting.

5. Leadership and Management Skills

These are skills related to your leading and managing other people in whatever capacity.

Examples: Mentoring, Executive management, Team management, Coaching, Training, Directing, Interviewing and Recruitment, Conducting meetings, Delegation, Project management, Event planning and management, Monitoring and evaluating performance, Motivating people.

6. Personal Skills

These are a range of important skills related to your personal development and the qualities that you have gained or developed through your various activities.

Examples: Self-awareness, Emotional management, Self-confidence, Stress management, Resilience, Patience, Perseverance, Time management, Teamworking, Self motivation

7. Technical Skills

These are special skills that apply to a particular field and fall outside the other general skills areas - for example, detailed technical knowledge and skills from working in a certain role.

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