1-Day MySkillsReport Workshops

'Focus On Skills' (1-Day Workshop)

MySkillsReport - 1-Day Workshops

This workshop is ideal for companies and organisations who wish to further assist employees, clients or students in organising and developing their skills using MySkillsReport. You will explore:

  • The MySkillsReport skills-focused approach
  • Practical uses of the MySkillsReport app 
  • How to identify, unlock and make the most of your 'hidden' skills
  • Assembling a balanced skills portfolio
  • Setting and achieving your individual skills goals

An informative, motivating and thought-provoking session to help individuals and teams highlight skills and understand their importance to personal and career development.


The Business Ladder - HQ

Booking Options: Central London Venue or In-House

The 'Focus on Skills' (1-Day Workshop) is available either at our Central London training venue or in-house at your venue of choice (subject to arrangement).
To discuss arranging a workshop session for your company or organisation please contact us.
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